Many emergency food providers rely on the generous donation of fresh food and material items from the wider community.

Things like:

  • fresh fruit and vegetables
  • tinned food
  • sweet and dry biscuits
  • boxes of cereal
  • long life milk
  • juice
  • Musily bars
  • Shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, new toothbrushes and feminine products
  • Toilet paper
  • … etc…..


If you have excess food or any products listed above that you think you could spare to help somebody in need,  then please contact a service provider  from the list below to arrange a donation – your help is always greatly appreciated.

Yea Community House

Emergency food and personal products & vouchers by apt

Fresh food – Supplied by local residents and Community Garden,St Luke’s Church food donations weekly.
Will open up material aid at other times if desperate. 

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Kinglake West Food Share

Kinglake West Supper Club Inc.

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Kinglake Food Share

Kinglake Neighbourhood house.

Donated food is from Foodbamk Victoria and some food is Purchased through the Food Share programs via donations.
Fresh food – Supplied by local business, residents and KRNH Community Garden at 6 McMahns Rd Kinglake.

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Community Hub at Taggerty

Seasonal fresh produce.

Fresh food from the Community Garden or homegrown and donated by local residents, during Spring to Autumn.

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Alexandra Community Hub

The produce stand under the Verandah is a source of fresh locally donated home grown food.  It operates on a “take what you need, give what you can’ ethos.

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